Frequently Asked Questions

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Care Services Questions:

Do you have nurses on staff?

We have a combination of Personal Care Assistants, Certified Med Techs and LPN’s.

Employees follow personalized learning plans on a training platform that uses digital assessments and tracks performance that measures specified knowledge on resident-centered care. Topics range from fire safety, assistance with activities of daily living, first aid, and medication administration for those that qualify.

Paper products are provided. Personal care items can be purchased.

How many residents live here?

We can accommodate a total of 116 residents, Made up of 27 Memory Care and 89 personal care.

Yes we do.  We have passenger cars as well as wheelchair vans to accommodate a variety of mobility needs.

Yes, our employees are happy to assist residents to and from the dining room no matter their mobility needs.

Other Community Questions:

Is Housekeeping offered?

Daily trash removal and weekly deep cleaning are provided at no cost.

We encourage visitors to spend time with their loved ones between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm.

A monthly calendar is provided for the residents.  Residents are provided daily reminders.

Yes. We offer a variety of services for many denominations.

Are laundry services offered?

Yes – included at no cost.

Only with permission.

Check out our LifeLoop Activities Calendar.

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